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2022 Wrapped: 5 Easy Ideas to Showcase your Charity’s Impact this December

The end of the year is looming closer and comms managers across the country are racking their brains for how to fill their social calendars over the holidays. Never fear - at Faltrego, we specialise in creating content that showcases the amazing work of charities. We’re here to help you repurpose and revitalise your year’s content to show your community what you’ve been up to and how their involvement continues to help.

Celebrate Your Team with a Highlights Video for your Newsletter

The Winter Blues have hit. The cost of living crisis is getting you down. Budget cuts are stifling. What your team needs now more than ever is a reminder of the good things that have happened this year. Maybe you hosted a particularly successful fundraiser. Maybe you won an award. Maybe you met colleagues in person for the first time. Whatever it is - your staff and volunteers deserve to be reminded of the good moments.

Creating a highlights video of your charity’s year will remind people of the amazing work you’ve done and give a great team morale boost. Not only that, but it will remind them why they love working in the area that they do and how important their work is.

Top tip: Go for a celebratory tone to remind your community of the joy behind what you do and keep them motivated and inspired.

At Faltrego, we know that your capacity is limited towards the end of the year. We’re always happy to arrange a no-expectations meeting to talk to you about how we can make your life easier.

Impress Your Sponsors And Donors With A Highlights Video For LinkedIn, Twitter And Facebook

We know that you love to keep your sponsors and donors in the loop about how their generosity is paying off throughout the year, but there’s something extra impactful about seeing it all in one place. Creating a highlights video to be shared externally can really emphasise the scale and impact of the work you’re doing, as well as giving you a showstopping piece of content that you can easily re-use when trying to draw in new contributors.

Re-purpose content that highlights big events and campaigns you were able to pull off with the help of sponsors, and be sure to include some statistics to really hammer that impact home. This way, sponsors and donors will feel more motivated than ever to stay involved next year.

Top Tip: Combine your old video and photographic content with graphics and voiceover to really make this a showstopping piece.

Get in touch with to organise a free, no-pressure consultation about how we can help you to repurpose your content into the end of year fireworks you deserve.

Countdown To Christmas With An Instagram Advent Calendar

With Instagram being used by 1 in every 3 social media users and particularly popular in the under 35 category, you’re missing out on a huge demographic if you’re not utilising this platform. As with most social media platforms, posting every day is a great way to kick the algorithm into motion and increase your organic outreach. And what better excuse to post every day than advent?

Instagram’s algorithm hugely prioritises video content, so it’s important that you do too if you want to maximise audience growth and ensure your content is being shown to current followers. Luckily, an easy way to game this system without spending a tonne of time, money and resources is by repurposing old photo or video content into short reels.

Short montage content using an up-beat backing track is sure to keep your grid full, the algorithm happy and your community in the loop with what you’ve been up to this year.

Top Tip: Make sure you set your reel’s cover photo to something that matches your brand and maintains a consistent aesthetic on your feed.

Did you know that Faltrego offers discounted bundle services for batches of social content? Drop us an email at to find out more.

Show Them The Numbers With Eye-catching Graphics

People love numbers. Show your community just how much impact you’ve had by giving them the bottom line. How many calls did your helpline make? How many volunteers got involved this year? How many countries did your content reach?

Putting these statistics into animation is a very strong way to make them visually appealing and keep people interested. Alternatively, you could showcase them via graphic design and include them in your advent countdown or put them in a Twitter thread.

Top tip: Keeping them short and simple with a punchy design will ensure that they’re easy to use across various social media platforms.

Find out more about our animation and graphic design services

Face Reveal: Show Your Community The Real People Behind Your Work

We all know that social media algorithms tend to favour people-centered content. It’s an approach that we take at Faltrego, too: prioritising human stories. People’s sense of empathy is triggered when they see the people behind the work, so connect with your community this Christmas by showing them the real you.

You could do this by posting headshots of colleagues and volunteers on Facebook or Instagram along with a short statement about why they do the work they do. This helps your community to understand why you do what you do, as well as reminding those you help of how important they are to you.

Top tip: Investing in higher quality photography and video rather than snapping last-minute iPhone content helps to build a stronger brand identity and make your content stand out on social media. We may be a little biased, but it’s true!

Did you know that we also offer photography services at Faltrego? Check out our credentials presentation.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re panicking about getting a last-minute comms plan together, we’ve got your back. Drop an email to to organise a free, no-expectations consultation about how Faltrego could help elevate your end of year content and showcase your work.

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