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Fields in Trust
Memories are made in our parks

Fields in Trust have been partnered with Faltrego since the start of 2021, and during our ongoing relationship we have worked with them on a wide range of film and photography.

Following success from their 'Not just parks' film showcased at a high-profile event attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Fields in Trust commissioned Faltrego for a series of collateral photographic assets to be used across their 'Memories are made in our parks' campaign 2022.


The photography had to be authentic, positive and diverse with a strong focus on young BAME collectives. The photographs had to showcase a variety of diverse settings, including urban landscapes. It was a fast-turnaround project. The photography used models sourced by Faltrego.


The photographs were used digitally across their campaign, and on billboards throughout Liverpool.


As part of the continued campaign, Faltrego were commissioned to create a series of case study videos profiling the authentic stories of local park users in the cities of Liverpool and Edinburgh. Faltrego worked in collaboration with the client to source local contributors with powerful stories.

The film of Stuart and Max's story had immediate impact, being shown in Scottish Parliament where Stuart and Max spoke about the importance of protecting parks and green spaces for the residents in Edinburgh. 


Photographic assets were also captured and published as part of the campaign. 


"The administration of the project was exemplary. Powerful, moving and creative our first screening generated an emotional response from our audience. For their reactive approach and their agility to manoeuvre through a changing landscape, I would recommend Faltrego for charity and cause-related filmmaking."


Richard McKeever, Marketing and Communications Manager, Fields in Trust    

"The Faltrego team are not only brilliant at what they do, but truly lovely people to work with. We would definitely recommend them to other organisations looking to showcase their work in an emotive, engaging way."

Sally Barney, Head of Fundraising, Fields in Trust

"They consistently produce content of exceptional quality and provide fantastic service throughout the process, going above and beyond to understand our needs and ensure we get the most out of every shoot. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Faltrego."

Jamie Grubb, Marketing and Communications Manager, Fields in Trust

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