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THIS Institute

THIS Institute partnered with Faltrego to produce a brand animation to communicate their vision, mission, and new strategic direction to external audiences. They were keen to tell the story of who they are and what they do through their distinctive brand and newly created visual identity.


Importantly, THIS Institute wanted the film to emphasise one of their core values of collaboration and were interested in how they could do this using visual storytelling.


We proposed an animation driven by the visual motif of the ‘red dot’ in THIS Institute’s logo and branding. The viewers follow a ‘red dot’ which connects all scenes and characters, as a metaphor for collaboration and interconnectedness. THIS Institute were delighted with the result.

THIS 6.png
THIS 1.png
THIS 1.png
THIS 4.png

Following the success of the animation, THIS Institute commissioned us for a piece of strategic creative research. The work involved high-level competitor and non-competitor research, creative treatment and art direction to discern an ongoing approach for the organisation’s video content to communicate their healthcare research.


Faltrego came up with an agreeable strategy and creative for THIS Institute’s hub animations, involving developing an opening ‘ident’ comprising a detailed animated infographic map.

THIS_Infographic_V9Artboard 1.png

We delivered a final package containing a video template, in-house guidelines, and standalone editable assets including animated loops of all scenes within the infographic. All assets can be edited and layered by the internal team to create videos.


Finally, Faltrego delivered in-person video training to THIS Institute’s communication and marketing department, which was very highly regarded and well received.

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