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Motion Designer Harry Tennant joins Faltrego

Copyright Harry Tennant

Faltrego celebrates its growing team and expanded offering with the arrival of new Motion Designer, Harry Tennant.

With 10 years' experience in the creative industry, initially as a freelance illustrator before venturing into animation and motion design, Harry brings a wealth of experience to our growing Design department.

Harry’s notable commissions include work for Scientific American, WIRED, The Financial Times, TED-Ed, BuzzFeed, Vanity Fair, Elle, Penguin Random House amongst others.

Copyright Harry Tennant

Harry joins Faltrego as the company grows to a team of six. He says:

“I’d been looking to make the switch from freelance to in-house for a little while, and upon seeing the work at Faltrego it seemed a perfect place for me to be. It’s been a great start already and I’m so excited to work on all of our upcoming projects!”

Harry’s previous experience on commissions focused on societal issues and passion to make a positive difference, coupled with a captivating signature illustration style and focus on tackling communications problems with creative solutions drew the hiring team at Faltrego to appoint Harry.

Mary-Laine Friday, Founder and MD of Faltrego, says:

“We feel delighted, and very lucky, to be able to welcome Harry to the team. We knew quite soon after speaking with Harry that he would be a wonderful fit. As our first male ally in an all women team, we know Harry brings not only a wealth of experience and expertise, but unwavering support for what we stand for.”

You can view Harry’s showreel here.

Faltrego works with charities, causes and purpose-led brands creating visual stories that win hearts and change minds. Learn more here or email for a discovery call.



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