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Faltrego announces Orangutan Foundation as its ‘Earth year’ Charity Partner

Faltrego has selected Orangutan Foundation as its chosen charity partner for its Earth Year CSR Initiative.

The initiative, launched for Earth Day 2023, offers a selected charity £15,000 worth of pro bono strategy, creative and production services for a campaign film directly linked to climate, sustainability, or the environment.

Faltrego received a high number of applications from charities across the UK and selected the successful charity based on the potential for greatest environmental impact.

Founder and MD, Mary-Laine Friday, says:

“We are delighted to have selected Orangutan Foundation as our successful charity partner. Their '£2 an acre' appeal was a clear ask with potential for tangible and large-scale impact. We feel there's great scope for compelling and highly creative visual storytelling around the Borneo rainforest, the endangered Orangutan and interacting species in the ecosystem, that has potential to cut through the noise. With a unique concept and strong character-driven storytelling, we see potential to obtain high shareability that could ultimately result in much larger swathes of rainforest, and its inhabitants, being protected”.

As a small charity with just one person in their communications team, Orangutan Foundation had not previously had the resource to produce a video campaign themselves. Resultantly, they were delighted to be selected by Faltrego, an organisation whose values they aligned closely with.

Communication and Operations Officer, Amy Crawford, says:

“We are excited to work with the Faltrego team to create a campaign film for our ‘Sponsor An Acre’ appeal, which protects crucial rainforest habitat. Our Habitat Protection programme benefits local wildlife, forests, and people. It also safeguards globally important carbon stores, which are crucial in the fight against climate change. I’m eager to see what the team creates and have no doubt that it will be a thoroughly enjoyable and educational collaboration between our organisations.”

Faltrego and Orangutan begin work together this summer in a collaboration that seeks to puts people and planet ahead of profit for environmental change.

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