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5 Inspiring Content Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Women’s History Month is fast approaching, and along with it is International Women’s Day on the 8th March! Here at Faltrego, celebrating women is intrinsic to what we do, and we are excited to get involved in the conversation.

International Women’s Day creates an important space where we can publicly commit to achieving equality for women. Whether that’s by creating pledges, or by spotlighting the achievements of the women around you, it is important that you get engaged and commit to the cause.

If you are struggling for simple ideas on how to get involved, then look no further! We have picked out some of our favourite examples to get you inspired.

1. Gyrl Wonder

Our first examples come from Gyrl Wonder, a non-profit organisation who supports young women of colour entering the world of work. Through programming, community service, and mentorship, they help ambitious, career-driven women through the ages of 17-23 kick start their career.

To mark International Women’s Day, Gyrl Wonder created a video featuring user-generated clips of young women who had gone through the programme voicing their appreciation of their mentors.

Hearing personal experiences captured as self-filmed pieces by the women is an effective way of authentically capturing their impact on the lives of women.

Throughout Women’s History Month, Gyrl Wonder also continued to pay tribute to powerful women who affect change in their industries through their ‘It’s a Gyrl’s World’ series.

Creating a series like this allows you to produce regular content which can span the full month (and beyond!). Their choice of the collage, zine-style graphics is also perfect for reeling in the younger demographic - the very people they are aiming to help.

2. Wonder Foundation

Wonder Foundation is another non-profit which strives to empower women through increased access to education. Their vision sees a world where women are recognised as valued leaders, and every person is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

To celebrate International Women’s Day they had the idea of creating shareable gifs (animated here by Adriana Laskari). These gifs show appreciation statements, and allow their followers to participate in celebrating the work of women by encouraging them to tag, comment and share their responses.

Posting a selection of gifs on International Women’s Day will create that initial buzz; but you could also continue to highlight them individually throughout the month.

Why not create your own gif statements, and make a series inspired by each one?

This could include video responses, or making space to promote other female-led companies. This would start a discussion with your followers, and potentially lead to wider audience engagement.

3. Women for Women International

Our next source of inspiration comes from our own collaboration with the amazing non-profit organisation Women for Women International. Their approach remains inspired by sisterhood and solidarity, seeking to create a space for women’s voices to be heard within their homes, and have agency in their communities.

Last year for International Women’s Day, we helped them to create a video shedding light on lesser-known change-inspiring women. The video uses attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping collage style cut-out animation marrying perfectly with their bold branding.

To continue engagement throughout the rest of Women’s History Month, we created bitesize clips which served to highlight these women individually. Women for Women International crafted detailed copy, focussing more specifically on who each woman was, and what their lives looked like.

This is a fantastic conversation starter, and a highly shareable way to celebrate the work women do which often goes unheard.

4. Global Partnership for Education

GPE is a worldwide charity dedicated to supporting education for all in lower income countries, while advocating for gender equality.

Last year, GBE crafted a beautiful animated video to an original song which highlights the importance of empowering women across the globe. Music is a global communicator, and pairing this with visuals is a wonderful way to instil a message. The decision to use animation (here rendered by Animind Studio) has allowed GBE to craft a world which fits the song.

We see dynamic kinetic typography used, and the delicate painterly textures enhance the sentiment while creating a beautiful backdrop on which the line drawings of the women can play out. It is exudes sensitivity and creativity and, while this style of animation may be a slightly bigger task to put together, the results here show that the extra care pays off.

If the use of music is not the best communicator for your brand, then there are plenty of other options which you could use to accompany animation like this style.

If you would like something contemporary, then why not choose some powerful female-written and delivered spoken word?

Or you could use an existing poem penned by a woman which encapsulates the message you want to convey.

There is also the option of collating quotes from novels penned by women which celebrate womanhood - some suggestions would be Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton or Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

5. Bodyform

Bodyform are dedicated to starting a healthy discussion about womanhood and eradicating the stigma surrounding our bodies.

Whilst not specifically intended for International Women’s Day, in 2020 Bodyform launched a campaign called #wombstories. For this, they created an incredible video which is a fantastic example of how to encapsulate the reality of womanhood, whilst validating female experiences. Trigger warning: images of needles and portrayal of baby loss

Bodyform aren't afraid to be truthful, even if the truth sometimes hurts! It is validating to see the real experiences of womanhood so accurately highlighted, covering not only beautiful highs but the devastating lows.

Through the use of mixed-media animation and archive, Bodyform was able to creatively visualise feelings which may have been too personal or difficult to authentically convey through live action filming.

Creatively editing together stock and archive footage into a mixed-media piece can also be budget friendly, and something that can be crafted if you don’t have time to organise a shoot.

It is always exciting to see corporates like Bodyform express their commitment to uplifting women - especially when it’s all year round! So view this as a great example of how you can commit to supporting women, even once International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are over.

Want some more ideas...?

There are plenty of other ways you can create easy online content to support International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Here are just a few more to set you off!

  • Create shareable, personalised graphics to state your yearly pledges to support women.

  • If you’re an all female-identifying business, tell your story with a video to capture the essence of your company, while being supported by the all-female creative team here at Faltrego.

  • Pass it on! Highlight a female-owned company, charity or self-care brand who you work with and/or support. This could be done as a hashtag series, or as a weekly highlight.

  • Post an article each week which celebrates the work of women for your followers to read.

  • Post regular inspirational quotes by women, edited into graphics to fit your branding

There are so many ways in which you can advocate the power of women and show your appreciation of the work that women of both the past and present have done - and continue to do.

While Women’s History Month is important, being an advocate is not limited to this time period alone - share your appreciation as often as you can so we can see the world change its attitude to the strong and fearless women in it!

If you would like any aid in creating graphics, animation or video content, please contact us and our all-women team will support you and your vision in any way we can.


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