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Changing the Image of Disability

Creative Agency and Production Company: Faltrego

Client: Business Disability Forum

Faltrego was commissioned by Business Disability Forum (BDF) for the strategic creative and production of nearly 500 images for BDF’s Changing the image of disability campaign, which aims to increase representation and improve how disable people and disability are portrayed in images.

Faltrego co-produced the imagery with disabled people as models, advisers and research participants, and a diverse steering group, who helped shape the strategic creative approach.

1701259028470 (1).jpeg

The collection of images includes workplace, leisure and customer-focused shots and over half of the images feature people with less-visible disabilities. The images were captured across 6 locations and multiple settings, and involved over 40 volunteer and professional models organised by Faltrego.

Picture 5.png
Picture 4.png
Picture 16.jpg
Picture 17.jpg
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Picture 1.jpg
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"The production team really wanted to keep it authentic, asking throughout “is this something you would do in real life?”. There were no gimmicks"


Lucy Ruck, Business Disability Forum

"So pleased we chose Faltrego for this ambitious project. Great experience from start to finish, a lovely team that went the extra mile throughout"


Lara Davis, Business Disability Forum


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