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British Medical Association
A History of the BMA and WMA

The British Medical Association (BMA) tasked Faltrego to produce a creative and innovative 15- minute film exploring the history of the BMA and their relationship with the World Medical Association (WMA) throughout their 90-year history, to be showcased at the 72nd WMA General Assembly.

We proposed a motion-graphic ‘cut out’ animated timeline film, using historical and archive imagery in a collage zine-style. We produced the film to fast turnover with a team of ten creatives and artists.


The specially-commissioned animation was well-received the the General Assembly, creatively celebrating an important relationship that benefits the medical community worldwide.

BMA 1.png
BMA 2.png
BMA 8.png
BMA 3.png
BMA 6.png
BMA 5.png
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